Why Greek Food Is The Ultimate Choice For Delivery

When you think of delivery food, what types of cuisines come to mind first? Most people think of Italian foods, like pizza, and also Chinese dishes. But have you ever ordered Greek food as takeout? If not, you need to try it! Greek food is an excellent choice for a quiet Friday night or for a bigger family party when you don't feel like cooking. Here's why.

Greek food appeals to most people

With some cuisines, you have to worry whether everyone will like the dishes you order. Some people really don't like Chinese food, and some may find Thai too spicy or Caribbean food too adventurous. Greek food, though, is approachable. Sure, it has character, but the ingredients used are really familiar. Pita bread, lettuce, marinated chicken, olives, phyllo dough, feta cheese — these are the hallmark ingredients in many Greek dishes, and none of them are so unique or polarizing that your guests are likely to turn up their noses. In other words, when you order Greek food for a crowd, you can be confident most people in that crowd will be happy with your choice.

Greek food is healthy

If you're trying to stick to a healthy diet, the mere idea of ordering delivery food might make you fearful. After all, the typical delivery foods, like pizza and stir-fried noodles, are far from diet-friendly. But Greek food can be made diet-friendly without you even trying. Salads are really common on Greek menus. A souvlaki salad with lettuce, olives, and marinated chicken or beef is truly delicious and also healthy. Greek soups, like avgolemono, are also light and delicious. There are not a lot of fried or really fatty dishes in Greek cuisine, so you'll have lots of choices in the menu without having to ask the chef to make a lot of changes — which is nice when you're ordering delivery over the phone or via an app.

Greek food travels well

Most Greek dishes are not dishes you worry about getting soggy or gross if they sit in your delivery driver's car for an extra couple of minutes. Salads can easily be packaged without the dressing, so they stay crisp until you get them. And anything wrapped in a pita stays warm and tasty for a while since the pita acts as an insulator.

Greek food is not only delicious, it's also well suited for delivery purposes. Set aside that pizza menu, and go for Greek food the next time you order in.