4 Reasons To Enjoy Fresh Pressed Juice

If you want to eat healthier and enjoy a healthier lifestyle, there are many ways to do that. One way is to consume more fruits and vegetables. Eating fruits and vegetables every day can get old, which is why it can be great to drink your fruits and veggies. When it comes to drinking them, fresh-pressed juice is a great way to go.

Enjoy More Fiber

Fresh juice can be a great source of fiber when it is pressed. With fresh-pressed juice, you get to enjoy a higher amount of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is essential for your digestive health, as it supports the growth of good bacteria inside of your digestive system. It also helps to slow food down as it goes through your digestive system so that you can really absorb all the nutrients from your food. Soluble fiber can also help to lower your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. When you press your fruits, such as apples or oranges, you get to enjoy lots of soluble fiber.

Stay Hydrated

When you drink fresh-pressed juice, you are not just drinking your fruits and vegetables; you are also drinking lots of water. There is a lot of natural water found inside of produce, so you are also hydrating your body when you drink juice. Staying hydrated is essential for your overall daily health. You will be more energized and enjoy a better metabolism when you stay well hydrated.

Consume Natural Sugar With No Preservatives

When you drink fresh-pressed juice, you get to enjoy juice that only has natural sugar in it and doesn't have any preservatives. You will get to enjoy more minerals, vitamins, and nutrition compared to bottled or canned juice options. When juice is pre-packaged, it is filled with preservatives to make the juice last, which takes away from the nutritional value of the juice.

When you drink the juice right after it has been squeezed out, you don't need to worry about preservatives; you get to enjoy the freshest drink possible with the maximum amount of nutrients.

Receive More Antioxidants

Finally, when you eat fresh-pressed juice, you will get to enjoy a high concentration of antioxidants. You get the best antioxidants when enjoying natural produce. To increase your antioxidants, be sure to include some darker-colored produce, such as spinach, in your drink.

If you want to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, a great way to do that is by drinking some fresh-pressed juice from your local juice bar. You will get to enjoy soluble fibers, more antioxidants, no preservatives, and stay hydrated all at the same time.