Lucky Onion Catering
is the trademark with which ASPECT LTD. develops the traditional off-site catering

We are a young, dynamic and optimistic company, which provides the required equipment and services to create temporary, pleasant environment at a place at your choice. We know that the demands of the temporary place are much more than the demands of the constant one, but we rush in the contents, being convinced that we will make your event better than you expect!

We may arrange our equipment in a sunshade, hangar and even in a jewelry shop! We will choose the style of service, which will guarantee the satisfaction of your guests' needs, and once we achieve that, we will add some magic to make the event special.

Lucky Onion Catering will impress you with its creative flair focused on the individual elements. We will use unique ideas and delicate approach in the search of a new understanding about catering. We will help for your good mood during every event and after its end you will have only positive emotions because:

We master the art of the holiday!

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