About Us

LUCKY ONION CATERING is the trademark with which ASPECT LTD. RUSE develops the traditional off-site catering. The company managers is Mrs. Daniela Paskaleva, who is a partner of ASPECT LTD.

Design of the event
The combination of the five senses – touch, smell, taste, vision and hearing are our strongest tools for the satisfaction of the guests’ needs and our main task when creating the design of your event.

We will prepare it from the most fresh products and will transport it through the best supply chain and will serve high quality delicious food.

Professional catering equipment
In addition to the porcelain and utensils, we have tables, chairs, table cloths and other serving accessories such as big trays and vessels, a rich set of auxiliary inventory and decoration, which will give pleasant and unique atmosphere to your event.

Service style
We will offer Standing buffet for your short business breakfast, lunch, dinner or welcome cocktail party. Our proposal for your breakfast or lunch with a lecturer will be Seated buffet. If you organize your wedding on the banks of the Danube river or in a garden – Seated banquet, and for your corporate events and parties probably the ‘picnic’ style will be appropriate. Your will be served by a professional teem, completely customized to your event.

We will decorate appropriately not only our equipment but the space around it to make your event special.

Additional services
We may offer audio-visual equipment, lighting, sound and special effects according to the style and the occasion of the event.


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